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Forest Path

Activity Details

An annual sexy campout for kinksters.

While we aim to get dirty, there’s nothing cheesy about this gathering. We mix a modernly stylish experience with down-to-earth natural fun.

Prepare your senses for a seductive camping retreat with elegant touches in the details, people, and events.

Apply to join our 4 day romp in the wilderness that centers around The Great Fox Hunt. We’ll have lots of playtime and everything else your perverted heart desires in a kinky campout.

We can't wait to share all the fun with you! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:

Detailed Event Schedule Coming soon...
Multiple Day Activities & Amenities
Metal Coffee Mugs

Coffee Station

We like the wild, but we don’t like grumpy, uncaffeinated animals who need their caffeine-fix. We’ve got you covered. There will be coffee brewed fresh each morning with sweeteners, milk and milk alternatives.
Special requests? Bring them yourselves ;) Also BYOC (bring your own cup)

Grilled Meal


There will be a sign up sheet for 20 minute increments of using the gas grill in the pavilion.
Sorry, the fridge is off limits unless you have a special need – if so please contact us prior to applying.

Image by Filipe Coimbra

Open Dungeon

The dungeon will be open for play most of the weekend unmonitored – play at your own assessment of comfort.


For those of you who’d like to play with a little more supervision and security, there will be specific hours posted when the Dungeon Monitor is available.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot Tub

Open for a good chunk of the weekend, soak as you like!

Skinny dipping VERY welcomed.

fox hunt_Showers.jpg


What’s better than cleaning off the grime of the outdoors? Doing it in the forest while all of us voyeurs watch you, of course!

Just don’t be a shower hog and make sure you clean up after yourself.

No golden showers, sorry human toilets!

Image by Dušan veverkolog

Fox Den Snuggles
& Play Stations

Little stations set up around the grounds for comfy snuggle time, hay-covered pen play, and whatever kind of sex you want.


There's also a swing set and a playground to indulge in your little desires.

Ready to Join the HUNT?

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