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Forest Path

Activity Details

Our first ever campout for kinksters.

While we aim to get dirty, there’s nothing cheesy about this gathering. We mix a modernly stylish experience with down-to-earth natural fun.

Prepare your senses for a seductive camping retreat with elegant touches in the details, people, and events.

Apply to join our 3 day romp in the wilderness that centers around The Great Fox Hunt. We’ll have lots of playtime and everything else your perverted heart desires in a kinky campout.

We can't wait to share all the fun with you! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:

Friday 07 22

Kinky Games

We’ve got all sorts of wonderful surprises for our fun & flirty games. Think: typical camping games, but KINKY. We’re also open to learning new ones, so bring your faves – this event is about co-creating our experiences together, after all!

Also, it will continue as an alternative option for people who want a break from the dance party.

Image by Farhan Siddicq
Image by Jonatan Pie

Northern Lights

Bonfire Party

It’s our little Arctic Fox, miss selene’s birthday, and in addition to her new kinky camping friends, she wants to be surrounded by the feel of crisp white snow and glorious lights that remind her of the Aurora Borealis at home. 

So don your sexy white kink gear, throw on your LED-infused clothing, and bring anything that glows under a blacklight! We’re going to dance the night away and line up to give that little Arctic Fox birthday spankings + more ;)

Saturday 07 23

Pet Show

Before we release all the pets to get dirty in the wild, we want to see them at their best. 

Categories for Winners:

  • Prey: Who’s our best dressed and behaved little fox, bunny, kitty, piggy, cow?

  • Predators: Which of our Hunters (Ponies included) is the most strong, ferocious, and attentive to a Human/Their Owner (or themselves, if self-owned)?

  • Handler & Pet Relationship: Awarded to the best dynamic between Handler and Pet(s). 

    • Are you coming solo? That’s ok! You might find a partner to pair up with at the event!

Image by Dainis Graveris
Image by Federico Di Dio photography

The Great Fox Hunt

Our Main Event! It’s Capture the Flag and Hide-and-Seek but… you know… kinky. And prizes!


Unleash your Primal Side with this live-action role play of Chase and Capture between each little prey trying to outwit the Hunting Teams of Handlers, Ponies, Hounds and other Predators. 

We’ll spice up the game by throwing in a few curveballs – so get ready to be entertained on a whole other level.

Spectators can watch the pursuit unfold over grassy and forest-covered fields. You’ll likely see naked bodies, furry ears, smart whips, and fluffy tails… oh my! 

Wet Clothing Contest

Not just t-shirts! We want to see it all! So don’t leave out options like a white dress or thin gym shorts.


All genders and expressions are welcome and encouraged to join.


Prizes for most creative costumes, performers or acts!

Raffle and prize awarded for those of you who are introverts but you step out of your comfort zone and let yourselves be on display for us.

Image by Jordi Zamora
Fox Hunt_onsie.jpg

Onesie Bonfire Bash

Bring your favorite onesie to the fireside (and beyond) as we whoop and howl into the night dancing around like the pack of wild animals we are!

Sunday 07 24

Kinky Classes

Some surprises in store for camping-inspired kinky learning.


Maybe it’s rope, or maybe creative use of camping gear for those kinky moments in the woods… who knows? But you’re bound to love it!

Image by Paolo Chiabrando
Multiple Day Activities & Amenities
Metal Coffee Mugs

Coffee Station

We like the wild, but we don’t like grumpy, uncaffeinated animals who need their caffeine-fix. We’ve got you covered. There will be coffee brewed fresh each morning with sweeteners, milk and milk alternatives.
Special requests? Bring them yourselves ;) Also BYOC (bring your own cup)

Grilled Meal


There will be a sign up sheet for 20 minute increments of using the gas grill in the pavilion.
Sorry, the fridge is off limits unless you have a special need – if so please contact us prior to applying.

Image by Filipe Coimbra

Open Dungeon

The dungeon will be open for play most of the weekend unmonitored – play at your own assessment of comfort.


For those of you who’d like to play with a little more supervision and security, there will be specific hours posted when the Dungeon Monitor is available.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot Tub

Open for a good chunk of the weekend, soak as you like!

Skinny dipping VERY welcomed.

fox hunt_Showers.jpg


What’s better than cleaning off the grime of the outdoors? Doing it in the forest while all of us voyeurs watch you, of course!

Just don’t be a shower hog and make sure you clean up after yourself.

No golden showers, sorry human toilets!

Image by Dušan veverkolog

Fox Den Snuggles
& Play Stations

Little stations set up around the grounds for comfy snuggle time, hay-covered pen play, and whatever kind of sex you want.


There's also a swing set and a playground to indulge in your little desires.

Ready to Join the HUNT?

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